Fey: bespoke experiences

Fey Productions is an artists-owned events company that crafts unforgettable art experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their bespoke events, whether an immersive cocktail party or a narrative-driven art experience, are meticulously planned with a focus on the smallest details. Guests will uncover new aspects of themselves in an intimate, enchanting atmosphere where every moment is designed to create a sense of magic and wonder. 

Scott Gillies

Scott has been working in interactive media for over 15 years and earned an MFA from USC’s acclaimed School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media program. He has worked for companies of every size - from Electronic Arts, Disney, Microsoft, and Google to grassroots start-ups in the Los Angeles area and worked on the design of a broad range of interactive pieces in educational media, video games, social games, interactive theme park attractions, Emmy® Award-winning transmedia storytelling, toys, R&D and Blue Sky projects that are on the cutting edge of entertainment as well as advising on interactivity on the board of start-up companies. He is an expert in second screen entertainment and games in nontraditional spaces. More recently, Scott has been experimenting with immersive entertainment in non-traditional spaces, ARGs, and spreading his enthusiasm for game design and analysis through teaching.

Trevor Tarin

Trevor is an entrepreneur and subculture enthusiast committed to promoting positive change in art, fashion, and alternative culture. Through their multiple businesses and cultural projects, they foster meaningful connections and empower individuals to be their most authentic selves.

Lyra Levin

Lyra lowers the barriers to empathy by constructing improbabilities. She centers the experiences of both creators and audience, making containers that promote curiosity, exploration, and safer risk-taking. Having produced everything from STEAM education programs to massive audio-visual instruments, her common thread throughout are ambitious, empowering projects using rigorous engineering, research, and strategy.